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The Moscow Institute of Sexology (MIS) is an unaccredited, for-profit, professional retraining institution and resource center in the field of sexology in Moscow, Russia. It was established in 2016. Certificate and diploma programs focused on public health, sex therapy, and sexological research.
Our mission is to create a safe and open environment for individuals and couples to discuss sexuality openly. For those who come through our doors to feel listened to, understood and educated on how to have a healthy sexual life.
What makes Moscow Institute Unique
Many of our courses are cutting-edge, dealing with topics such as the ethical & clinical aspects of Dual and Multiple Relationships in different settings that are highly relevant to social work services, including unavoidable multiple relationships in certain communities and certain contexts, common sense and basic technologies for HIPAA Compliance, the ethics of Touch in Therapy and rethinking its perceived prohibition in therapy. Our program has increased focus on the most important development in the delivery of social work and mental health services: The ethical, legal, clinical, technological, and practice considerations of TeleMental Health and E-Supervision. Along the same line, we offer a cutting-edge Digital Ethics course on the ethical complexities presented by digital technologies (teleconferencing, texts, e-mail, social media, etc.) that are widely and increasingly used in our modern digital age.

Our courses are offered in different formats so mental health practitioners can choose the format that suits them best: Texts, Audios and/or Videos.
Nastya Mikheeva

- female psychologist-sexologist, philosopher, writer
- candidate of psychological sciences
- Rector of the Moscow Institute of Sexology
- is working on her doctoral dissertation in female sexology (International Institute of Clinical Sexology, Miami)
- PhD in clinical sexology candidate
- Lecturer at MIP (Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis)
- Master of Yoga / Master of Science in Yoga (Swami Vivekanada Yoga Anusandana Samsthana University, Bangalore, India)
- official teacher of the Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League
- a student of sex therapist No. 1 in the world Mike Lowsada, the most effective psychotherapist in Russia, Doctor of Science, Professor SV Kovalev. and the coolest dance and movement therapist, candidate of sciences Oganesyan N.Yu.
- Head of the Center for Sexual Health and Wellbeing
- Head of the two-year professional development program in sexology at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow)
- the creator of the author's sexology training program, on which students from all over the world study online (Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Latvia, France, Germany, Denmark, England, America and Australia) - founder and organizer of the only international scientific and practical conference on sexology in Russia
Reasons to appy
Overcome Anxiety
Cultivate Inner Power
Cultivate Inner Power
Raise Emotional Quotient
Improve Communication
Life Coaching
Relationship Issues
Women/Men Transitions
Divorce Recovery
Dating Anxiety
Low Self-esteem
Low Self-esteem
Anger & Frustration
Navigating through Change
Infidelity Healing
Increase Sexual Intimacy
Heal Porn/Sex Addiction
Erectile Disfunction/Libido
Sexual Performance Anxiety
Increase Sexual Connection
Have Better Sex
A sex therapist guides individuals struggling with certain components of sex, such as arousal and performance. Also, sex therapist assess the psychological or physical reasons for their clients' challenges and provide treatment through sex counseling.

Professionals in the mental health, therapy, and counseling fields need to earn state licensure in order to legally work. Although Russian laws do not offer licensure strictly for the sex therapy field, aspiring sex therapists still need some sort of therapy or counseling licensure to practice. Then they can apply for certification from the Professional Psychotherapy League (OPPL) and diploma for retraining, qualification of Sexologyst.

The certification process requires a graduate degree in a mental health, psychology, or therapy field. Candidates must also complete a certain number of supervised clinical hours. You can learn more details about those requirements, and how to become a sex therapist, below.

Our programs generally last 6 months for students, and learners in these fields learn about psychological theory, along with therapy techniques.
Obtaining a Sex Therapist License
Sex therapists do not earn licensure in sex therapy. Instead, they can obtain diploma of retraining as mental health counselors or marriage and family therapists. In fact, for certification, OPPL requires applicants to hold licensure in psychology, medicine, social work, counseling, nursing, or marriage and family therapy. Individuals must apply for these through their state licensure boards, which all set different requirements for various types of licenses.
Obtaining a Sexologyst Diploma
If you've decided to apply to MIS, then you've made one great choice. Learn more about the application processes here^

Learn at your own convenience

Through the Digital Course Platform we provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Sexology and Sexual Health

  • In a structured manner

  • From the comfort of your own home

  • At your own pace and according to your own interest

  • At an affordable price

  • Through one of the world's best e-Learning Platforms
Educational objectives: this course will teach the participant to
  • Explain basic sexual anatomical and developmental function to clients.
  • Discuss the incidence, causes and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Identify the common treatments for STDs.
  • Summarize the sexual disorders which may be present for male and female clients.
  • Review the challenges that may exist about sexuality and sexual function within special populations.
  • Specify the treatments for Internet pornography addiction or compulsion.
  • Appraise whether/when pornography use is harmful
  • Explain the basic competencies expected of therapists who work with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender populations.
  • Describe what does and does not constitute sexual dysfunction.
  • Identify the issues concerning HIV and sexuality.
  • Identify the sexual issues facing married and elderly people and how to treat them.
  • Summarize the key principles and perspective of feminist psychology concerning sexuality.
  • Review the principles of couples sex therapy.
  • Describe the connection between sexuality and intimacy.
Olga Vakhitova
@ Nastya Mikheeva Nastya ... can I express my love, gratitude, respect to you through my
reviews. I can't hold back my gratitude inside, it just bursts out of me in a stream when I watch your lessons and webinars, read your articles and posts ... I am soooo grateful to you for the wealth that you will pass on to us in the form of techniques, practices, theory and just metaphors !!! Just metaphors that are soooo easy to remember, so easy to reproduce, do not require additional time to revise and read. Yesterday I was with a blogger, I met in a story the words about "a scar that aches for the weather", and I already know who she studied with! 🙏 Nastya, I just savor your every word with such a desire, with such an appetite, I write everything down so as not to miss anything! My gratitude knows no bounds !!! ❤️I am grateful to fate, the Universe, you, myself ... everything, thanks to which I met your articles, reviews about you and bought this course a month before the start! ❤️Each your lesson is insight, and about yourself as well! You are a TEACHER with a capital letter! Thank you !!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ekaterina SoninaI
learned about the course from one of Nastya's alumni, who runs a blog on Instagram
about sex education. The course changed me and my life, most of all I remember the practices. Uncertainty and many complexes have gone from my life, and confidence and knowledge have appeared. I started dancing and painting again. Now I want to get to Nastya's course on tantra! Tasks were given easily, thanks to a simple presentation of information with a large number of examples from life, the difficulty was only in finding time to study.
Anastasia Krupenko
I learned about the course from one of Nastya's graduates. A successful practicing
sexologist. I came to the course with a professional purpose and found a new profession. A personal goal has tightened itself, self-confidence and stability, so necessary for every person, help to feel more harmonious.
Olya Domnitskaya
I was looking for a place to study sexology. I found different schools, everything seemed
to be interesting, and the content of the courses was good, but something was missing for me. I decided that it was not time yet. In the morning I woke up and realized that today I will find what I need. And I found it. After reading Nastya's articles, watching the videos, I felt that it was under Nastya's guidance that I wanted to be sexually enlightened.
My goal on the course is to learn and help women. Also, the goal was to expand your horizons in the field of sexuality. I want to continue my studies in the future. Sex is forever! Yes, I have achieved my goal. I have clients. I have improved my sex life.
We were surprised how scripts can change attitudes, surprised how well attitudes and beliefs work. And ISM! It's just technique - my favorite.
More orgasm has appeared in my life. It's not just about sex, it's about Life in general. Gone is the tension that I'm somehow not like that (I'm talking about fantasies). I have the courage to be myself.
Training was available. I really liked this approach to teaching, theory + practice and live meetings. The chat with fellow students was very helpful and helpful. Feels the Flock
Relatives are happy for me, for my changes. They say that at last we see that this study brings you a thrill. That your eyes are burning.
I want to thank the team for such work, approach, responsiveness. Thank you Yana more, you are always in touch. You always resolve the issue quickly. I want to say to students and potential ones that I envy you a little, there is still much ahead of you!
Ivanna Eremiya
I accidentally saw the site and rushed. Suffering is gone Fears and uncertainty, happiness
has come Health and well-being. I discovered new personalities in myself, and they are beautiful, I return to dancing 💃
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